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C6120-1029-A2 4x T1/E1 + Ethernet Ion Media Converter Card C6120-1029-A2 4x T1/E1 + Ethernet Ion Media Converter Card
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C6121-1040 4x T1/E1 + Ethernet Ion Media Converter Card
C6110-1029-A1 4x T1/E1 Ion Media Converter Card
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CSDTF1013-120 Remotely Managed T1/E1 NID Converter Card
Part Number CSDTF1013-120
CSDTF1013-120 Remotely Managed T1/E1 NID Converter Card
CSDTF1011-120 Shown
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Transition Networks T1/E1 twisted pair (RJ48) [1.5 km/.9 miles] to (SC) multimode 850nm [2 km/1.2 miles] remotely managed Points System media converter card

  • Remote unit "in-band" management
  • Local or Remote Loop-backs on copper or fiber in software mode
  • Loopback switch facilitates local installation
  • Converts the copper ports on T1/E1 devices, such as a PBX or T1/E1 Router, to multimode or single mode fiber
  • Extends distances 2,000 meters over multimode fiber or 80,000 meters over single mode fiber.
  • Switch selectable RJ-48 connectors for T1 or E1
  • Jitter attenuators optimize Bit Error Rate (BER) performance
  • Network debug procedures make BER testing more convenient
  • Built-in troubleshooting with the addition of a selectable TAOS (Transmit All Ones) switch on the fiber and copper interfaces allows the network engineer to test all T1/E1 equipment on that network segment and ensure the network link.
  • Dry relay contacts enable the media converter to be tied into a separate alarm circuit commonly found in a T1/E1 twisted pair environment. Contacts will be activated on loss of power or loss of fiber link.
  • An LED provides Alarm Indication Signal (AIS)
  • Can be used with fractional T1/E1 circuits.
  • Point Systemô Management Features:
    • Report local or remote converter status:
      • Copper & Fiber Link status
      • Hardware switch settings: LBO, AIS Copper, AIS Fiber, HW/SW
      • AIS detected Copper & Fiber
      • Model Number
      • Copper & Fiber Connector
    • Local or remote comand operations include:
      • Loop-back Copper & Fiber
      • AIS transmitted on Fiber on loss of Copper link
      • AIS transmitted on Copper on loss of Fiber link
      • Boot-load firmware

StandardsITU-T, ANSI, AT&T, ETSI
ConnectorsE1: (2) 75 ohm coax; (1) duplex or simplex fiber optic 

T1/E1: (1) UTP 100/120 ohm RJ-45; (1) duplex or simplex fiber optic
Fiber Optic Connector Specs
MultimodeMin TX PWR: -19.0 dBm
Max TX PWR: -14.0 dBm
RX Sensitivity: -32.5 dBm
Max In PWR: -14.0 dBm
Link Budget: 13.50 dB
SwitchesSW1: 1,2,3: Line Build out for short haul/DB in Long Haul (See Table) 

Short Haul Mode: 
Pos 4 not used 

SW2 - 1:Transmit all ones into copper on loss of fiber link (Up=Disabled)

SW2 - 2:Transmit all ones (AIS) into fiber on loss of copper link (Up=Disabled)

SW2 - 3: Long Haul/Short Haul (Up=Short Haul)

SW2 - 4: T1/E1 selection (Up=T1)
3-position JumperHardware: Converter mode is determined by 4-position switch settings 

Software: Converter mode is determined by most recently saved on-board microprocessor settings.
Status LEDsPWR (Power): Steady green LED indicates connection to external AC power

SDC (Signal Detect/Copper): On indicates twisted pair link is up

SDF (Signal Detect/Fiber): On indicates fiber link is up
DimensionsWidth: 0.86" (22 mm)
Depth: 5.0" (127 mm)
Height: 3.4" (86 mm)
Power Consumption6.0 watts
EnvironmentSee chassis specifications
Shipping Weight1 lb. (0.45 kg)
ComplianceUL Listed, C-UL Listed (Canada); CISPR/EN55022 Class A; FCC Class A; CE Mark
Switch Settings
Long Haul (SW1-3 unused)
DownDown0 db output pulse
UpDown-7.5 db output pulse
DownUp-15 db output pulse
UpUp-22.5 db output pulse
Short Haul (SW1-4 unused)
UpUpDownDSX-1, 0-133 ft.
DownDownUpDSX-1, 133-266 ft.
UpDownUpDSX-1, 266-399 ft.
DownUpUpDSX-1, 399-533 ft.
UpUpUpDSX-1, 533-655 ft.
UpUpDownANSI, T1.403
DownUpDownDSX-1, 6.0 V
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